The car body may have different degrees of dents or scratches due to small bumps or scratches experienced during the driving process (in most cases, the primer remains intact), and some car owners habitually spray paint, just change into a new piece of clothing, which is actually not the case. We would like to share how important original car paint is. Let’s begin by explaining what original car paint is.

Unlike a mobile phone screen, the original car paint is a concept. As a one-off product, the original car paint cannot be compared with the car that was left to paint from the factory. Consequently, we must protect the new car’s original paint. Do not paint it easily if there is no primer shown.

Original paint and repaired paint differ in the following ways:

Problems with color differences.

The refinish paint cannot achieve the exact same color value as the original paint, but it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but can still be noticed under strong light. Chromatic aberration will certainly occur over time. Even the 4S shop of this brand does not have the high-precision instruments used by the original car paint to detect color and thickness differences.

Original paint consists of primer, medium paint, base paint, and varnish.If the primer of the original paint is rubbed off, when the paint is touched up, this layer of original primer cannot be repaired.As primer is immersed in a paint pool in the factory’s spray shop and attached by cathodic electrophoresis, this process cannot be replicated when it leaves the factory.A touch-up paint primer is usually a paint after phosphating treatment, which cannot be compared with the original primer, and the adhesion process is even different.

It is necessary to sand off the original factory paint before re-painting one side of the body, resulting in the loss of valuable original paint. Because of this, don’t be rushed to touch up the paint due to a small dent or scratch. The entire car will depreciate immediately after it is repainted.

It is obvious that the original factory paint is a high-temperature paint that is baked at least above 130 degrees Celsius and has better adhesion, while the repair paint is baked at 80 degrees Celsius.There is little adhesion between the paint and the wall.

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