In seconds, paint chip stickers can cover up paint chips and scratches without the fuss, odor, or permanent mess of touch-up paint. It is an incredibly eco-friendly way to fix paint chips and scratches.

With WrapsForCar, your car will have a rugged look and extreme protection from chips and scratches. The adhesive used by WrapsForCar is a standard air release vinyl, so you know it’s reliable. It’s thicker than regular vinyl, but it conforms to any curve! A few in-stock colors are available as well as customized OEM color matches – another world first!

Vinyl car wraps that match the paint

Are you looking for some stunning options for iridescent wraps? We have the largest selection of car wrap colors at WrapsForCar. Depending on how much light is reflected off the surface, our color-shifting iridescent car wraps will change color. Our iridescent car wraps come in a wide range of designs, finishes, and colors that give your car a bright, color-changing look. There are many finishes to choose from, including matte, chrome, and satin wrap! We offer color shift vehicle wraps for cars, boats, motorcycles, and other vinyl projects. See why we are the biggest provider of car wraps in the world by exploring our site.

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