Vinyl with a color shift

Wrapping your car in color

The beauty of a color shift vinyl film is that it presents different colors from every angle, so you never know what to expect.

Due to its stunning visual effects, color shift vehicle wraps are an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Your journey will never become boring when you drive a wrapped car with a constantly changing appearance.

WrapsForCar offers color shift wrap films with glittering effects. New colors are constantly added to our selection, so you will always find something you like. Scroll down to see different series. You can find your favorite style by contacting the local representative.T

Globally, we have a network of reliable car wrap shops in most major cities. We’ve compiled a list of ones near you to help you find one.

To learn how to wrap a color shift vehicle successfully, see our previous article.

Metallic vinyl wrap types

Metallic vinyl wraps come in a variety of vibrant colors including purple, white, neon green, deep blue, black rose, and more. You can choose from gloss, matte, satin, or glitter metallic vinyl wraps for your vehicle.

With a gloss metallic vinyl wrap, you’ll have an attractive and eye-catching vehicle that will leave an everlasting impression on the onlookers. Adding a gloss metallic vinyl wrap to your vehicle will give it a glossy finish. Metal flakes are added during the manufacturing process to make your vehicle shine like a diamond. Stretchable material can easily cover difficult curves and recessed areas. If you want your vehicle to have a subtle matte, elegant look, matte metallic vinyl wrap is for you. Even though it has tiny metallic particles, it doesn’t have shimmer or reflect light as much. Available in a variety of colors, it enhances the curves and looks of the vehicle’s body. A full vehicle wrap should use this durable and stretchable material.

Satin metallic vinyl wraps are a good option if you don’t want a high gloss finish or a matte finish. Your vehicle will look very sophisticated and chic with its velvety finish. Satin metallic wraps are not ultra-shiny, but they reflect more light than matte metallic wraps. The glitter metallic vinyl wrap is for those who want their vehicle to glimmer with ostentatious brilliance. The effect is similar to a vehicle covered in small flecks of glitter. As a result, it dazzles when light falls on it. Adding metallic touches to your designs

Aftercare for Metallic Vinyl Wraps

Ensure that your metallic vinyl wrap is properly cared for after it has been applied to ensure its durability and maintaining your vehicle’s impeccable, unique appearance. When properly cared for, metallic vinyl wraps can last between five and seven years. It is recommended that you do not wash your vehicle for 72 hours after the application has been completed. To ensure that the metallic wrap adheres properly to the vehicle, it must be fully adhered.

Metallic vinyl-wrapped cars should be washed regularly, preferably once or twice a week with a non-abrasive detergent. Any road debris, sand, bird droppings, or other contaminants must be cleaned immediately. Pollutants should also be protected from the wrap. When filling your tank, do not spill fuel on it. Immediately wipe any fuel spilled on the wrap. Oil-based cleaning agents should not be used, and pH neutral cleaning agents should be used. Before using them, test a small portion of the metallic vinyl wrap. It is best to wash the vehicle by hand. To avoid a concentrated stream of water, the nozzle should be 30cm away from the vehicle, set to a 40-degree wide spray angle, and the water pressure should be under 2000psi. Temperatures below 80°C (180°F) are recommended. In this regard, carelessness may result in warped surfaces.

Last but not least, avoid parking your vehicle under a hot sun for long periods. To protect the wrap from heat and light, park the vehicle in a garage or shaded area.

Wrap your vehicle in metallic vinyl for a custom look

Once you’ve decided on the type and color of metallic vinyl wrap for your vehicle, you can wrap it completely or partially. For a luxurious, state-of-the-art appearance, go for a full wrap if you want to transform your bland white car into a sparkling jewel. Not only will your original paint be protected, but it will also be easy to maintain, enhancing its overall appearance, making it more appealing, interesting, and eye-catching.

You can choose partial metallic vinyl wrapping if you do not wish to completely overhaul the appearance of your vehicle. A partial wrap can be applied to the roof, wing mirrors, bonnet, spoilers, trunk, and so on. Metallic wraps on the roof or bonnet are very common. To visually streamline the vehicle, dark shades are used on the roof. This wrap adds panache to the vehicle’s bonnet, which is the main body panel. Other styling options include wrapping the wing mirrors, spoilers, and bumpers to make your vehicle stand out.

Shiny Metallic Vinyl Wrap – Includes 6 Series

The metallic vinyl wrap transforms your vehicle into a distinctive brand that is sleek, sophisticated, and visually appealing. In addition to giving the vehicle a stunning sheen, it also makes it exceptional in every way. The metallic vinyl wrap films have metal flakes that add an extra shimmer to the surface. In the presence of light, the vehicle sparkles brilliantly. In order to achieve this unique aspect of a metallic wrap, it has to do with its processing technique. Metallic wraps are made from precious metals such as titanium and use the magnetron sputtering method, which not only increases transmittance but also enhances insulation.

Metallic vinyl wrap is always a better option since it has at least six layers instead of three layers in general vinyl wrap. Extra metallic layers enhance the durability and protection of the vinyl wrap. Not only do metallic vinyl wraps come in a variety of hues, but they also come in a variety of types. You can easily customize your vehicle whether it is a car, bike, quad, boat, or any other surface according to your preference. There are countless possibilities.

There are 6 series in the Metallic Collection, including GLOSSY, GLITTER, MATTE CANDY, BRUSH, and RAINBOW. It becomes a stylish film with different characteristics after metallization coating, magnetron sputtering, and interlayer synthesis. Adding a metallic vinyl wrap to your vehicle can give it a luxurious look. The glossy metallic vinyl wrap makes your vehicle glow like a diamond. Metallic vinyl wrapping provides additional protection from the weather while driving or riding.

You can choose from Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple, Candy Metallic Dark Gray, or Rainbow Metallic Majestic White. With these metallic wraps, you can certainly customize your vehicle in any color and finish that you desire. If you wrap your vehicle in metallic vinyl, it will appear luxurious and look like expensive car paint, but with a shinier finish. You don’t need to respray your vehicle when you can save the extra cost and make it look good at the same time.

You can make your vehicle stand out with these vinyl wraps that contain metallic flake. As a result of the metallization process, the surface has sophisticated and beautiful features. Any vehicle can be wrapped with it, including cars, motorcycles, and bikes! Metallic vinyl wraps are resistant and flexible, and they’re stretchy enough to cover your vehicle’s edges and deep areas. After applying the vinyl to the vehicle, remove the excess with a sharp knife or blade.

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