As a three-dimensional texture car wrap, best carbon fiber wrap makes the car look calm and bold from a distance, but it is full of texture when viewed up close. Black vinyl wrap, white vinyl wrap, and grey vinyl wrap are the most common colors of the film, which can be used for car body decoration or interior color change. With a three-dimensional texture and a real touch, this carbon fiber vinyl wrap has different gloss changes with different angles, and is made from PVC fiber with excellent performance. It can be stretched at will and completely cover the original body color when attached. Additionally, it can change the monotonous interior color, enhancing your car’s stereoscopic effect.

Carbon fiber film can satisfy the little vanity of young car owners. Put carbon fiber film on your whole golf, Lingshuai, or other car, and add some tricks to the exhaust pipe. That’s not only cool, it’s eye-catching as well.

Car wrap enthusiasts who love all things cool and fun will enjoy carbon fiber film. New types of materials, such as carbon fiber film, offer light weight, high toughness, and higher hardness than steel. Some supercars use this material for their bodywork. Carbon fiber car wraps were created to imitate the body material of this supercar. Despite their love for cars, many young car owners can’t afford the astronomical price of supercars.

Wrapped in carbon fiber

A wide range of finishes, brands, and colors are available in our Carbon Fiber Vehicle Wraps. Films made from carbon fiber have a rough texture and are not smooth to the touch. There is a wide variety of carbon textured automotive wrapping films available in different colors and finishes. Your vehicle can be decorated both inside and outside with them.


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