WrapsForCar vinyl film wraps allow you to customize your car

With WrapsForCar’s Vinyl Wraps, you can not only expect great quality – but also a variety of exclusive color options. Besides matte and metallic finishes, gloss and chrome, and realistic carbon fiber, our line also includes brushed textured finishes, glitters, and colored holographics. Whether you want to create an elegant, realistic carbon fiber vinyl wrap for your hood or even a wood grain vinyl wrap for the interior of your truck, suv, boat, etc., we can help. All of those selections and more are available at WrapsForCar vinyl. With WrapsForCar vinyl wraps, the possibilities are endless for the everyday DIY automotive enthusiast.

Vinyl Wraps for Automotive: What Are They?

As defined by Wikipedia, “A vehicle vinyl wrap is the automotive aftermarket practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle’s original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different color, or sometimes the same color with a different finish such as a gloss, matte or clear protective layer.”

Add in WrapsForCar – and the definition would read something along the lines of “…covering a vehicle’s original paint with an outstanding quality made Vinyl Wrap…that is guaranteed to provide total satisfaction with our commitment to provide only premium products to our customers, who are our number one priority.”

When vinyl is applied to your vehicle, it is known as wrapping. Once completed, wrapping gives you multiple benefits, which we will discuss in the following articles. Autobody professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike have discovered the benefits of vinyl wrapping. There are, however, many other possibilities. The versatility, durability, and excitement of vinyl wrap make it ideal for almost any application.

Vinyl Wrap Guide for Automotive Films

Learn everything you need to know about Vinyl Wraps! We’ve got you covered if you need a physical upgrade or just want to change things up a bit. Quite literally. In addition to exclusive Vinyl color options, WrapsForCar offers several premium Vinyl designs.

Wrapping partial vehicles

Are you not interested in covering your entire vehicle? Don’t say anything more. Nothing says “trend setter” like a partial vinyl wrap. With WrapsForCar Vinyl Wraps, you can choose which parts you would like wrapped. The possibilities are endless when opting for a partial wrap. You can achieve any look you desire with so many colors, designs, and textured finishes available.

Wrapping the entire vehicle

It’s kind of an obvious option, but you can wrap the entire vehicle! Not only does WrapsForCar Vinyl Wraps provide total, all-around damage prevention, but they also change the appearance of your car. You can go from not-so-hot to hottest on the block with a simple application.

Matte finishes are popular for luxury cars, but carbon fiber and metallic finishes look fantastic on sportier cars as well.

The roof (Panoramic Roof Wrap)

Would you like to have the look of a Land Rover, BMW i3s or a Mini Coupe without having to purchase one? If so, this is undoubtedly the right option for you. You can create a stylish, sleek, and modern contrasted appearance for your vehicle by adding a Vinyl Wrap from WrapsForCar. In other words, if you’re not a fan of monochromatic looks anymore, two-toned cars are on their way back.

Here are the What’s and Why’s behind WrapsForCar Vinyl Wraps so that you can better understand what you can expect when wrapping your car (from the how-to to the please don’ts).

Car Vinyl Wrap: Why Should You Do It?

Adding a vinyl wrap to your car can improve the visual appeal of the vehicle, but did you know that it can also protect your investment? By applying WrapsForCar Vinyl directly to your vehicle’s exterior (yes, right over your paint! ), you can maintain your vehicle’s value by keeping its painted surfaces in like-new condition. Is there anyone who doesn’t like the sound of that? Using this wonderful product on your vehicle will protect your vehicle from exposure to harmful conditions such as road debris, UV rays, scratches, and everyday wear-and-tear.

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