WrapsForCar metallic wraps are made from polymer PVC film, which offers a stable structure, good ductility, good weather resistance, firm paste, and no discoloration when stretched. If you don’t harm the original paint, you can change the color of the car body at will.

Car wraps would seem to have the same texture as car paint to most people. Such a concept was unheard of until today. Upon seeing the metallic car wrap, they were amazed by the texture, the film surface, and the streamer effect. Different people have different needs for metallic vinyl wraps, which WrapsForCar is able to meet. There will be a lot of love for this color among men and women when they see it!

WrapsForCar metallic wrap films can show individuality. Metal purple car wraps and silver car wraps are good ways to express the owner’s unique taste. Some cars with gradient colors on the road look very cool, since they have vinyl wraps installed on them. Additionally, the color-changing film can be used to cover the ugly, such as an old car with touch-up paint everywhere and uneven paint color, which affects the mood. Color-changing films can be removed without leaving residue or damaging the original paint of the car if you want to restore it.

A metallic wrap is one of the most popular series of WrapsForCar vehicle wraps. Multiple colors are available for the metal car wraps. After many times of color highlighting and multi-tone painting, the debugging of each color is developed. The streamer refractor will always appear different from different angles. Liquid metal does not contain particles and can completely surpass ultra-glossy metal in terms of metallic texture.

Car wrap with metallic finish

It’s Possible To Make Your Vehicles Look Stunning With Metallic Car Wraps. Metallic Car Wraps are the vehicles that sparkle like diamonds. Metallic car wrap films have metal flakes that add extra glimmer. Whenever light interacts with it, the vehicle sparkles brilliantly.

Furthermore, WrapsForCar’s Metallic Wrap Material Has At Least Six Layers, whereas Regular Vinyl Wrap Material Has Only Three. In this way, the additional metallic layers enhance the durability and protection of the vinyl wrap.

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