Design with style

Even though all WrapsForCar gloss vinyl car wraps meet the same high quality standard and look glossy, each series shows a different style that draws attention.

You will find that your vehicle has a head-turning and better-than-paint finish with the glisten (which can be oily or sparkly, depending on the product you use). Pick your style now, and get started.

The benefits of gloss car wraps

Vinyl wraps with a gloss finish are the easiest to apply. DIYers with no wrapping experience can use it, as can professionals who install wrap films. It is also easy to maintain. Making your car look unique doesn’t have to be stressful.


Our products are made from high-quality raw materials to ensure that they can be applied easily and flexibly. Additionally, we ensure that all vehicle wraps are durable and removable without damaging the vehicle.

There are multiple options available

In this category, WrapsForCar offers a variety of gloss vinyl options. A high-gloss wrap film (with paper or plastic liner), aluminum vinyl, metallic car wraps, or glitter and diamond finishes are available.

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