Protective properties

As your vehicle cruises down the road, it will need protection from harmful environmental elements.We apply our Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap directly over your car’s original paint, protecting it from scratches, rock chips, rust, road debris, and other harsh elements.A vehicle’s surface is also protected from chemicals from tree sap and bird droppings.

The Carbon Fiber wrap acts as a second skin, absorbing the brunt of the impact. Additionally, the exterior is protected from UV rays and fading, maintaining its resale value. As well as protecting against corrosion and staining, it also forms a protective layer. The most durable vinyl is worth the investment.

Utility Factor High

Carbon Fiber vinyl is mainly used for partial wrapping.The roof, hood, and trunk look amazing with it.A minimalist approach may involve wrapping only the wing mirrors or interior of the vehicle.It is also widely installed in contrast with other vinyl films to create an alluring two-tone effect.You can pair it with our bright and luscious Glossy Metallic Dragon Blood vinyl, Candy Metallic Neon Yellow, or Matte Metallic Pearl Blue wrap.On the road, it’ll make your precious wheels a captivating stunner!

Your vehicle’s interior cabin can also be decked out with it for a more elegant and luxurious appearance. Carbon Fiber Vinyl looks amazing on the dashboard, gears, steering wheel, and side panels of the doors. They will not fade over time and will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.Your seating area will be transformed, gaining a futuristic feel.In addition to smooth, clean, and dry surfaces inside and outside your home, it can also be used on other surfaces.

Appealing to the eye

With our vinyl, you can save money and look mesmerizing at the same time.In order to make it look like real carbon fiber, it is specifically designed.Glossy finishes add a shine and reflection to the wrap, making the curves of the vehicle appear more elegant and stylish.

A Carbon Fiber wrap, with its intricate weave, is an easy and reversible option for those looking to enhance their vehicle’s appearance without burning a hole in their pocket.Carbon Fiber wrap comes in six variants with slight differences in pattern.With a black base color, the pattern options include classic, woven, forged, and spiral.As soon as vinyl film is applied to a surface, it will captivate the onlooker and improve its overall appearance.

Additionally, there is a slight difference in the level of shine.Our Carbon Fiber vinyl collection is perfect if you prefer a more subdued appearance over glossy surfaces.Compared to Weave Black, Spiral Black, and Classic Black, Black Forged Carbon Fiber has a high shimmer.In appearance, they are muted and toned down.

Wrapping vinyl with carbon fiber

Want to wrap your car in carbon fiber?Choose the perfect twill weave pattern for your vehicle from WrapsForCar’s large selection of carbon fiber vinyl wraps.Car wraps made from carbon fiber are incredibly strong and long-lasting because they contain carbon nanoparticles, making them the ideal layer of protection for your vehicle.As a result, our carbon fiber car wraps are easy to apply, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

Our WrapsForCar vinyl series also features a wide variety of patterns and distinctive designs in our carbon fiber wrap collection.Our goal at WrapsForCar is to provide you with the best, highest-quality carbon fiber wraps available on the market.WrapsForCar film ships for free when you order $99 or more!

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