Electric Patrol Car

Electric Patrol Car


Our electric patrol cars provide a cutting-edge, eco-friendly solution for law enforcement and security operations. Combining advanced technology with sustainable design, these vehicles are built to meet the demanding requirements of modern patrol duties while minimizing environmental impact.

Equipped with powerful electric motors and high-capacity batteries, our patrol cars offer swift acceleration, quiet operation, and impressive range on a single charge. The efficient powertrain ensures zero emissions, contributing to cleaner air and reduced operational costs. Quick recharge capabilities and long battery life ensure these vehicles are always ready for duty.

Designed with law enforcement needs in mind, the patrol cars feature a rugged exterior and a versatile interior layout. The cabin is ergonomically designed to enhance officer comfort and efficiency, with advanced communication systems, integrated computer mounts, and ample storage for essential equipment. The vehicle’s compact design allows for agile maneuvering in urban environments, ensuring quick response times.

Safety is paramount, with features such as advanced braking systems, stability control, and reinforced structures to protect occupants. High-visibility lighting and sirens are integrated seamlessly, ensuring the patrol cars are equipped for all situations.

We provide comprehensive support services, including regular maintenance, technical support, and infrastructure solutions for efficient recharging. This ensures that our electric patrol cars remain reliable and effective throughout their service life.

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Phone: +86 13346398828

Website: www.hulkvehicle.com

Company Introduction:

Hulk Vehicle (Qingdao Hulk Metal Technology Co., Ltd) is a professional electric vehicle supplier that integrates R&D, manufacturing, and sales. With industry-leading innovation and design, while also integrating the advantages of E-Z-GO, CLUB CAR, and YAMAHA, we have become a large and powerful electric vehicle manufacturer in the north of China.


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